Naysayers! They are closer than you think …


Naysayers don’t want to dampen your dream of course BUT … instead, they pour acid over them*

Naysayer (noun) is a person who criticises, objects to, or opposes something.  Quote: “he continues to win, despite the many naysayers,”  Oxford dictionary.

Are you sure? Everyone is doing that? How are you going to do that?  You don’t know the first thing about running an online business? Are people going to really pay for that?  Sound familiar?

We all have one, two or maybe more (poor you) in our lives. These are sometimes the closest people to you and could even be your partner … or the ultimate – a parent or, if you’re really unlucky, BOTH parents! I’m still trying to decide which would be worse 🙂

Has this ever happened…? You sit there, bubbling with excitement, telling your nearest and dearest about your new dream, online business plans that involve leaving your job and working from home (in your pink fluffy slippers because you can). You are oozing with excitement and you feel alive, to the point that your people start to wonder if you are on something!  AND, then, you get that ‘really’ look followed by the flow of generous, unhelpful advice.  NOT that they want to dampen your dreams of course BUT … instead, they pour acid over them*

So, unfortunately, you must understand that not everyone shares your mindset.  I learned this lesson a long time ago when I was searching for my path. I always seemed to be on different wavelength to people around me and it wasn’t until later in life, I realised that what I had was an entrepreneurial mindset and not everyone possesses one.

This became very apparent when I chatted to a fellow work colleague. She loved her 9-5 job … like, really LOVED it. She told me that she liked the same routine every morning and that she left at 5 with no more to think about.  Her dreams were planning her next exotic holiday and in her spare time, she looked on the internet at places to visit. 

It was in this moment that I realised I needed to have somewhere to unleash this burning passion I had and surround myself with likeminded people. Nowadays, social media has a zillion groups to network in with people sharing your path. I belong to many of these networks as well as a couple of private membership groups.

So, whilst I was planning my dream online business, I adopted two simple rules …

1. I was careful who I shared my dream with. Even though you want to share every minute detail of your plans to the world (or anyone that will listen) you must be selective, and remember, not everyone will share your enthusiastic, entrepreneurial mindset.

2. Be prepared for the hidden naysayer and have, in the back of your mind, this excellent quote …

If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough. Sharma

Ronin Sharma

OR, one of my favourites

People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. How strong you are MAKES you!

Surround yourself with ‘yay-sayers’ not ‘naysayers.

Lynn Robinson

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*Quote taken from: personalexcellence

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