Black & White Magazine Design

Having a Black and White themed special was great fun to design. Every article was black and white photography with a dash a colour here and there.

The cover is by Horror Photographer and Makeup Artist Rick Jones (Horrify Me) with model Megan Biffin. This shoot was specifically shot for the cover, as anyone who has black and white hair… needed to be on this cover!

Below are some layout examples used for the PHOTOSHOOT Magazine Black and White Themed Special.

Double Page Spreads

I used a simple layout for this article by David Edwards. The quote lifted the page well, with a 2 column layout to follow. The portrait image to the right worked perfectly

Black & White Magazine Design - David Edwards
Double-sided spread with 2 columns and main image

I chose to use a circus-themed background to bring in a splash of colour for the Simply Dazzling article profiling model Yaasmin.

Black & White Magazine Design - Model: Yaasmin
Double-page spread with a circus background

This article was great fun with the team from Zomblogalypse. I used a variety of images and design ideas to break up the black and white tones. A splash of red for the blood splats and green for the text worked well.

Black & White Magazine Design - Zomblogalypse
Double-spread spread with film design and red blood splats

This was a perfect editorial image to use for the Ever Realm Productions article. These are my favourite images to work, which enable text to be placed on the left-hand side.

Black & White Magazine Design - Portrait X
Double-spread article using editorial image

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. The next PHOTOSHOOT Magazine issue being designed is Issue 27. You can view our latest issue free by subscribing to our community here.