Introduction to SEO & Keywords

Make sure people find your business website when they search online

“As much as 90% of search traffic comes from Google. Is your small business website optimised for Google?”

Today you have to keep internet search engines happy if you want a consistent flow of visitors who are looking for your products and services. Even if you run an offline business, your online marketing efforts, and this includes your website or blog, need to be found by the search engines.

Learn how to use SEO and Keywords for your website the easy way …

My interactive five module course gives you all the information you need for doing basic search engine optimisation for all your content, regardless of your current expertise.  Each module has a video, summary and action guide. 

You also receive a SEO Publishing Checklist which lists the key tasks for optimising web content, so you have a step-by-step guide to follow when creating your content.

Summary Cheat Sheet, which gives an outline summary of the key points from the course book, so they’ll have their own reference cheat sheet as a reminder (

Learn SEO and Keywords

How Search Engines Work

Module 1

Learn how search engines work and how ranking is determined 

Why SEO is Necessary

Module 2

Learn how effectively communicating exactly what your web page, website, and any other online content is to create an audience and generate leads

Designing Your Content

Module 3

Learn how to design and structure your content for both human beings and search engines helps find your business online

Keyword Research for Your Content

Module 4

Learn how keywords play an important part in the search engine ranking process and how to choose and add the most relevant to your content

Measuring and Track Your Efforts

Module 5

Learn the importance of continual testing, monitoring and measuring your SEO efforts

Review and Take Action

Plan how to stay in the SEO game and complete an Action Plan to ensure that people find your business online

It's time for people to find YOUR Business online ...


Writing quality articles and blogs about you, your business and your products and services does wonders for your SEO ...

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