PHOTOSHOOT Magazine Design [27]

The design for Issue 27 was an epic task. It was an incredible 96 pages, and just when I think the last issue was amazing, along comes another which blows me away.

As with past issues, I have chosen to write about a selection of designs in detail. The reason being that I either really enjoyed the design, they are a little different from the norm or just really good examples of magazine design to write about.

Astrolink – Your Shoot Feature

All aboard! What a fun article to work on sent over by photographer David Scard with his model Leah Meraki. David’s attention to detail was amazing and to have an opportunity to do a photoshoot on a train is just super cool!

David sent over a flyer that he had designed, which I used as a partial background (Page 2) and colour picked the deeper blue to add a box for the white text to continue (far right).

magazine design Adobe InDesign - double page spread
Double page spread for magazine design – Page 1 & 2

David had sent over some of the images with a white border and logo which I used on the upper right. Using the dark blue with the lilac for the photographer and model writeups worked well with the landscape image, which had to be placed just right to enable the model’s feet to show. Being a behind-the-scenes mag, we do encourage photographers to share their behind the scenes shots which fit nicely into a film negative mockup.

Please take a moment to absorb the details used in this photoshoot… headrest covers, notice boards and just check out under the model’s feet!

magazine design Adobe InDesign - double page spread
Double page spread for magazine design – Page 3 & 4

Andy Katsaitis – Focus On Feature

Magazine Design – double page spread

An English Summer – Your Shoot Article

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Magazine Design – Tools used: Adobe InDesign