Magazine ‘Product’ Mock-Ups

Product mock-ups are mostly associated with clothing but they are everywhere and, most of the time, you probably wouldn't even realise. Read more to find out how I use them...

What are Product Mock-ups?

A product mock-up (or mockup) shows what a product will look like in the real world. Stationery, beauty products, interior design and even whole room mock-ups, are just a small selection of the type available.  

Why use Product Mock-ups

Product mock-ups used to be used mainly by manufacturers and designers, but have become popular for online stores, websites, social media and promotional materials. With the digital world and online shopping becoming more popular, digital branding is more important than ever, with many brands facing fierce competition to get noticed. 

Test the Market – Let’s say you have a product that you wanted to trial and test the market before spending thousands on production.  You can produce a mock-up, show your audience and get feedback before you even make it.

Preview Design – You could be a graphic designer and want to show your customer how a logo design would look on their packaging.  This could save a lot of time and money before any printing decisions are made.

Equipment – What if you don’t have the means to do a photoshoot, or the product is not physically made (yet)? A product mock-up can show a buyer how your product will look in a realistic setup. 

These are just a couple of examples of why a business would use a product mock-up.

Magazine Mock-Ups

There are mock-ups for pretty much anything and that includes magazines. There are front covers, content pages and article layout mock-ups to suit every style. I use a variety of mock-ups for PHOTOSHOOT and here are the reasons why…

No Physical Product

One of the main reasons for using a magazine mock-up, is that we do not have a physical product when we first publish. The mag is published digitally and sent to print around one week later. Using a mock-up, therefore, enables my readers to see a mock-up of how the magazine will look.

They look good…

Using mock-ups enables me to play around with the design and brings my magazine to life. The example below shows a front cover and article magazine mock-up (one of my favs) from our Wedding themed special.  I used the flower border from the original image and placed the mock-up on top, which I thought worked out really well. The final image looks like the flowers merge onto the article page.  You can see a great demon on my Magazine Design article.

I use what I would describe as a ‘flat image’ for the magazine shop to show a clear frontal image.

Examples below of front cover images used in my shop

Promote on Website and social media

After designing the mock-up for my latest issue, I then have a great image to re-purpose. You can see below, where I used the mock-up of the Wedding special for our website header and Facebook page when published.

Magazine Mock-up on website homepage banner design
Facebook Banner using a magazine mock-up
Magazine Mock-up on Facebook page banner design

Magazine Mock-Up Example

The mock-up below shows a double-page spread and front cover (before and after).

Front Cover Mock-Up

Other mock-ups I have used are for front covers, which have been used for different coloured backgrounds.

Magazine Article Double-Page Spread

Front Cover and Double Page Article Layout

How do I use mockups?

Most of the time, mock-ups are used with Adobe Photoshop and I will soon be posting ‘how-to’ video’s … so watch this space!

You can find links below for some of the FREE templates I use. There are also companies out there like Placeit, who make mock-ups really easy, for those that don’t have Adobe Photoshop.

Design Links

Magazine on wooden background.

Brochure psd created by freepik –

You can view the variations offered here:

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