Magazine Promotion

How to get your magazine noticed!


10 Blog Post Ideas For Your Magazine

Blogs are a great way to promote your magazine and engage with your readers. You probably already know this but sometimes the challenge is what to actually write about. 

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Choosing a domain name ...

What you need to know

Starting a new venture and choosing a magazine website name is so important and sometimes a hard decision. It’s worth spending some time to work out the best name.


Running a front cover competition

Running competitions for your magazine is great for exposure, networking and forming partnerships.  You also get some great content for articles and blog.

Tools and Systems

What I use to help run my business

With so many tools and systems available to choose from, it’s hard to know which to use.  Here are some of my tried and tested favs …  

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PHOTOSHOOT Front Cover Designs

I love each and every one of my magazine covers and always design them myself.

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Black & White Themed
GBTS 2019
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Vintage Themed
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