Magazine Publishing Academy

Six steps to self-publishing success

A magazine is a perfect step for a blogger, coach, teacher, photographer, creative, sport’s coach, chef, consultant, therapist, painter, designer … well, pretty much anyone who wants to share their passion with the world, expand or complement an existing business or even start a new one. 

Learn what has taken me over six years to master, and self-publish your magazine with my ‘Six Steps to Self-Publishing Success’ program. Want to find out more?  Then why not book a FREE 1-1 Fast-Track Strategy Session.

Six Steps to Self-Publishing Success Program

1. Plan

Learn how to …

Set up and plan your magazine business and branding.

2. Process

Learn how to …

Set up processes for your magazine with the right tools and systems.

3. Prepare

Learn how to …

Layout, plan and prepare the content, structure and design of your magazine.

4. Publish

Learn how to …

Publish your magazine in digital or in print (or both).

5. Promote

Learn how to …

Promote your magazine both on and off-line using various strategies.

6. Persist

Learn how to …

Keep on target and achieve goals to run a successful magazine. 

Other Programs

Design a WordPress Magazine Website

Learn how to …

Design and build your on WordPress Magazine website with pre-built templates to edit or build your own from scratch.  You will also learn how to create a blog and set up email and subscription integrations.

Design a Magazine using Adobe InDesign

Learn how to …

Design a magazine from start to finish, using pre-made templates or create your own.  This course will show to you to create a magazine ready to publish digitally or in print using Adobe InDesign.