Running Magazine Front Cover Competitions

Running competitions for your magazine is great for exposure, networking and forming partnerships. You also get some great content for your magazine articles and blog.

Involves Readers

Who wouldn’t want to see their image or work on the cover of a magazine? Running magazine front cover competitions are a fantastic opportunity to engage with your readers and really make them feel part of your magazine.


At PHOTOSHOOT, we decided to look at ways to run competitions for our themed specials.  By chance, I came across some competitions run by Photocrowd, and got in touch. After a chat, they really liked what we did and we both felt aligned with each other’s mission. We also shared a similar audience of hobbyists, amateur and professional photographers. This was a great opportunity to not only showcase PHOTOSHOOT, but great for Photocrowd readers to win a front cover opportunity.

Our First Competition

Our first competition was launched on our shiny new portal and PHOTOSHOOT Weddings cover competition was underway. We had an incredible response, with entries from all over the world. It was fascinating to see the different cultures and traditions. You can see all the entries here

Expert Judge

I was the expert judge and had to make the final decision for the winning image, and wow, it was really hard. When I choose a cover for our general issues, I take into account many aspects (link to how we choose our cover here) and I can normally spot a potential cover instantly. But with so many amazing images, it made this process even harder.

PHOTOSHOOT Weddings Cover Winner – Wayne Kilmer

An American photographer won our cover and it was only when Wayne Kilmer sent us his shoot story, that I found out the image was taken on a production photoshoot, run by Lindsay Adler, a well-known, New York, fashion photographer.  I actually follow Lindsay’s work, so it was a pleasure to publish her and her creative team, along with Wayne’s fantastic image.

Christmas Cover Winner – Yaroslava Gromova

Our second competition was another success. Although we received many Christmas-themed images that did not fit the spec, there were some great images to choose from. Our winner was Yaroslava Gromova, with model, Milana Babenko and team, with their ‘Christmas a la Rus, Princesses of Kievan Rus’. Put Country.

Vintage Cover Winner 

I have just finished judging the cover for our third competition, vintage special (due out in March 2020). This, again, was a very hard decision, with many amazing images. But we are really pleased with our winning image, which will be revealed soon.