Sell Upcycled Products Worldwide – My Virtual Online Shop Window to the World

Sell Upcycled Products Worldwide

I love the fact that I used to sell my upcycled products worldwide, all from the comfort of my home in my virtual shop. It still makes me smile when I think of someone enjoying my creative work in America or South Korea.

As part of my furniture upcycling business, I pursued my love of reconditioning old French enamel jugs and pitchers, decorated with French-styled decals and floral designs.

eCommerce Shop

I first started selling my products with an Etsy shop and Shopify. I used these platforms whilst I was modifying my current design and photography website.  It was simply a case of installing WooCommerce (a free WordPress eCommerce plugin) and then adding my upcycled furniture and accessories as products.  I wanted my own website that I owned and fully managed. I also didn’t want to keep paying a monthly fee (apart from my website hosting)


I also started running workshops, so I used my website/store facility to take bookings and deposits.  

I still have boxes of enamel and do them for fun, on and off.  I guess, in the back of my mind, I could always pick it up again later in life.

I thought it would be good to share what I thought made my upcycling business successful …

#1 Professional Looking Website

I spent a lot of time working on my colours, branding, and visuals. I really wanted to have the same look across all of my platforms.  My website home page was styled like a blog layout with visitors able to click on the relevant articles that interested them. Each image had a full-length description of my latest project.

Sell Upcycled Products Worldwide

#2 Product Imagery

My product images where high quality and people always commented on them.   Yes, it did help that I am a photographer but to be honest, the right lighting, positioning and using a modern phone can produce great imagery.

#4 Content

I wrote epic content for each of my projects with behind-the-scenes images and I spoke about my project in detail with lots of images. I also started to make videos of working on furniture and described the techniques. My plan was to create virtual courses.

#5 Social Media

I created an Instagram account and Facebook page and group using my branding to be consistent. I networked with other upcyclers, local and worldwide.  I also joined lots of local groups to promote my courses and furniture for sale. I got known as the ‘Paint Lady’! 🙂

#6 Fetes

I did run a stall a couple of times but realised that this was not really my thing.  Instead, I focused on building myself a virtual store but for some, fetes are a great way for people to meet you and see your products).

#7 Stockist

I became a stockist for Autentico then Frenchic chalk paint and I was also a stockist for The Stencil Studio. Where I bought stock and sold it via my online shop.

#8 Affiliate

I started writing posts for the products and accessories I used and linked to Amazon for affiliate selling. 

#9 Newsletter

I asked my visitors to subscribe to my newsletter for special offers and up-and-coming workshops. This was the best marketing method I used!

#10 Fresh and engaging

I worked on keeping my website and social media accounts active with fresh weekly content. I engaged with my audience as much as possible.

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