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How To Start An Online Business


Know Your Customer – Why You Should Segment Your Market

Not everyone is going to need what your eCommerce business has to offer. By creating a customer profile, you can identify those people who do. When you create a customer avatar that identifies the individual who would benefit most from your products or services, you narrow down the market. There are many cases where you may feel

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Your Customer – Who Do Your Followers Follow?

Know Your Customer – Who Do Your Followers Follow?

The better you know your target market, the better you can offer the content and products they’re looking for. One great way to research your audience is to see who they follow. You can learn a great deal about your ideal customer this way.  Your Customers’ Likes and Preferences  If you know the influencers, blogs, and YouTube

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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Learn about Your Customers

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Learn about Your Customers

There are many places online where you can gain valuable insights about your customers. One of the best is social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are 7 ways to use these platforms to learn more about your audience.   Customer Profiles  Look at your customers’ social media profiles. You can find a great deal of demographic information such as

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whats holding you back

What’s Holding You Back? Identify and Expel Limiting Mindsets

Limiting beliefs are beliefs you hold that keep you from starting your dream eCommerce business. The human mind has an amazing ability to come up with infinite reasons why you can’t do something. There is a good chance you have limiting beliefs stopping you right now and you don’t even realise it.  Limiting beliefs come in a variety of shapes and forms. They might be thoughts like: 

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How to Start an Online Store for under £10 a month

Have you heard that starting an eCommerce online store is a great business idea that can be started for a minimal start-up fee?   The good news is that it’s true. With no overhead for paying rent, buying stock, or hiring employees, you can start an online store with little more than an internet connection. It’s one

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getting Ideas business niche

10 Places to Get Ideas for Your eCommerce Business Niche

Having trouble finding the right business niche for your eCommerce online business? The winning formula is to find something that you’re passionate about and that your audience is interested in. Figure out the problems your audience is suffering from and offer them a solution through your services and products.   The best way to do this is through objective

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How to Use Podcast Guesting

How to Use Podcast Guesting as Free Marketing

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years and their popularity is only growing. There are thousands of shows covering every possible topic, and podcast listeners are one of the most engaged audiences you can find. Podcasts offer a great way for people to learn something new on-the-go while commuting to work, doing the dishes, exercising, and going

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Naysayers! They are closer than you think …

Naysayers don’t want to dampen your dream of course BUT … instead, they pour acid over them* Naysayer (noun) is a person who criticises, objects to, or opposes something.  Quote: “he continues to win, despite the many naysayers,”  Oxford dictionary. Are you sure? Everyone is doing that? How are you going to do that?  You don’t

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