Using Otter Voice Recognition To Write Blogs

I found this incredible voice recognition app called ‘Otter’ and after reading a couple of reviews, I decided to give it a go.

Using Otter voice recognition to write my blogs has actually changed my blog and website content planning forever. I love writing but sometimes time is not on my side. This way I can record my blog, website content or even a Zoom meeting! I even played a pre-recorded how-to video from a while back and sat with my cup of tea whilst Otter transcribed it.

You can record your blog post on any device and you get 600 mins free a month!

What is Otter

Otter’s new app lets you record, transcribe, search and share your voice conversations. … Essentially, a voice recorder that offers automatic transcription, Otter is designed to be able to understand and capture long-form conversations that take place between multiple people

After giving it a quick trial, and being very impressed! I decided that I would download it and add it to my tools and systems list because right now, this is exactly how this blog has been written.

Background Noise

I am sitting at my computer, happily chatting to my PC with my back door open. My daughter has the kettle on and I have lots of background noise. I looking over what I have said so far and it’s very accurate. I even did the ultimate test by recording whilst driving to town in my very noisy diesel car (my car turns heads for all the wrong reasons) and could not believe how accurate the transcript was.

In fact, I am so impressed that I am telling everybody I know to use Otter to write blogs. Even better is by using the link below, you can share and get a one-month premium and then pass it on to get another friend to sign up.

Want to use Otter voice recognition to write blogs? Click here to find out more It’s FREE

See the quick video I recorded below with a live demo.