Design, writing and photography are a major part of my life; from blogging about magazine self-publishing to what goes on behind-the-scenes as a magazine owner and Editor-in-chief of PHOTOSHOOT Magazine.  I also love photography and working on my Grenier (meaning loft house/barn conversion), in France.

My passion is helping creative professionals and small business owners how to create content for their blogs and website, that get’s noticed and helps grow their business.

About Me

Being a self-confessed book and magazine hoarder, when I go back to the UK, you will no doubt find me, at some point, getting my fix in either WH Smiths or Waterstones. If you love books and magazines as much I do, you’ll understand that wonderful feeling of losing yourself in the different covers and textures, and especially enjoying that ‘new book’ smell. In France, they do of course have similar shops but it is not quite the same experience … and they don’t have a Gregg’s Bakery nearby either, for a vegan sausage roll (they are soooo good).

My Family

I have two daughters, who are both mad about animals; one is a dog groomer in France and my youngest is currently studying animal care. I also love animals (but not as a career) and have a ginger rescue cat called Puds, who sits like a dog for his treats.

My Hobbies

When I relocated my bookshelf recently to a different part of my house, I realised, that apart from the odd novel, most of my books fall within the genre of ‘Self-Development’ and ‘Personal Productivity’. I also enjoy listening to podcasts on anything that furthers my learning and knowledge to improve myself and my business.

In my spare time, I write, upcycle furniture and French enamelware, play darts in a local league, enjoy walking and clay pigeon shooting.