Nail Your Niche

Welcome to ‘Nail Your Niche’. This is one of my all-time favourite subjects! Why? Because this is the most important part of starting an eCommerce business EVER. Get this right and you are on your way to success … And always remember … “It’s better to be someone’s shot of gin than everyone’s cup of … Read more

Blogging For Business

How to Blog for your Business

Welcome to my Blogging For Business course. Due to the success of my Facebook challenges, I decided to turn the content into a course, for you to enjoy at your leisure. Tasks are set out for each day (takes around 30 minutes) for 5 days. Each task has a video and task sheet to complete … Read more

How to Start a Work-From-Home Business

More and more people today are choosing the flexibility and control of working from home over a traditional 9-5 office job. With new technologies and a growing cultural emphasis on work-life balance, it’s now possible to work from anywhere with just your laptop and an internet connection.    Working from home allows you to create your own … Read more

How to Blog Like A Pro … From Post to Profit

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” Brian Clark, CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of Copyblogger, serial entrepreneur Blogging has been around since the late 1990s but in recent years it has undergone changes. The blog is not the same as it was twenty years … Read more

My Beauty Business WordPress Elementor Pro Template

Thank you for downloading My Beauty Business Elementor Pro WordPress template. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed designing it. Below is the link to all the template pages that you need to download and save ready to use. My Beauty Business Template Files Before you move on to the next stage … Read more

Introduction to SEO and Keywords

Upon completion of this course you will have a firm understanding of: How search engines work Why search engines choose one web page over another Why search engine optimisation is necessary Current search engine ranking factors How to design your content so you get found online How to structure your content for both human beings … Read more

Design Your Dream WordPress Website

I remember when I dreamed of having my own professional-looking website but could never get it quite right. After years (around 25ish) of learning, experimenting and teaching others. I have developed my signature program to share my knowledge and experience with you. So, let’s get started …

Blogging Success Mastery

Blogging Success Mastery is a paid membership community group run by Jane Kelly. The group supports the 15 module based program helping small business owners, creatives, coaches, consultants, freelancers. Actually anyone who wants to improve their website content marketing and … * write blogs and articles that convert and reach a wider audience. * increase … Read more