Do I need a website for my small business? Yes, you do and here are 15 reasons why!

why do I need a website-

Having a website means you have an automated marketing tool working for you 24-7, growing your business and creating life-changing opportunities – all while you sleep.

A well-built, professional-looking website, especially if you are home-based, is your shop window to the world. Websites are one of the most cost-effective and powerful tools to communicate your products and services to current and potential customers.

Your website can bring in regular revenue from new client bookings, sell your own or other companies’ products, offer courses, workshops and your services. You could even sell advertising space or become an affiliate (selling products for commission). There are no limits to where having a website can take you, be it to grow your current business, start a new business or a ‘side-hustle’.

Starting a website is not as hard as you may think. These days, you don’t need to be a techy guru or coding expert. You just need information and a good, solid plan of action.

Is this enough to get you thinking? How about another 15 reasons just incase…

#1 Promote your current business?

A website is a great way for your current or potential audience to learn more about your products or services. You can write articles and how-to guides to expand on this knowledge and showcase certain aspects of your business.

#2 Offer different buying options?

People shop differently now. Who would have thought that half the population shop on their mobile phone! People’s buying habits have changed and because the information is easy to access, people browse and read reviews before they buy. Some people may find you on social media then look for a website to find out more and check you are reputable.

#3 Complement social media?

Websites are back in fashion. Using Facebook and other forms of social media as your main promotional tool is great to get you up and running. Relying on the long-term, however, can lead to issues with algorithm changes, data loss or even worse, account suspension. Potential customers generally look for a business website and you could also be missing out on audiences that don’t use social media.

#4 Automate your business?

Adding order forms, price lists and contact forms can be used throughout your website to automate and provide a better customer experience.

#5 Offer great customer service?

You can add Q&A’s with commonly asked questions from your customers and ‘how-to’ guides to help customers understand and use your products or services easier.

#6 Keep up with your competitors?

Chances are that your competitors already have a website and you are missing out on being found. Startups and small business websites can stand alongside the major names in your industry.

#7 An extra Team member?

Websites are an essential part of a team. They offer a platform to support and grow your business and are a central hub letting customers know what you do and how to contact you.

#8 Look credible?

Shows credibility and transparency on who you are and how you run your business. You need to provide information to register your domain and hosting and if you offer payment facilities, have proof of business to set up accounts with providers. Setting up company policies and procedures will also need to be in place, especially when dealing with personal details.

#9 Look professional with branding?

Having consistent branding with fonts, colours and theme used throughout your social media platforms and marketing shows a professional image.

#10 Complement your bricks and mortar shop?

You may currently have a shop and wish to add a digital arm to your business. Many people drive past a shop and google it to find out more.

#11 Want to operate 24-7?

You are not restricted to shop business hours and can generate business 24-7. People can shop and buy your products anywhere in the world (if relevant).

#12 Grow your business?

Start with a couple of basic pages to get you going and your website can develop with you. You can add as many pages and posts as you like and if your website starts getting a bit overloaded, you could even have a subdomain for your shop. An example of one of mine:

#13 Showcase your products and services?

Products or services can be promoted with stunning imagery, short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions.

#14 Get noticed in search engines?

Showing up on search engines with keywords like ‘vintage wedding photographer in Yorkshire’ will appear on search engines if you have these keywords and key phrases in your website content.

#15 Have a keen interest or passion?

If you have a topic that excites you so much, that you want to write about it and share it with the world, then starting a blog would be a great idea. Sharing your knack of growing roses or your love for Bengal cats (when I post pics of my Bengal cat on Instagram, he gets more likes than my other posts!). You could even look to earning money from your blog as it grows with targetted content.

Want to start a new business?

Sell your house or promote a holiday home?

Websites are a great way to promote both of these areas. You can provide in-depth information to complement listing sites to potential buyers and holidaymakers

Time for a career change?

Perhaps you are looking for a career change or maybe have redundancy looming. Or you may just want the freedom and flexibility that working for yourself and having an online business brings.

Need a home-based job?

Circumstances may change where you need to now be based at home with a long-term illness or becoming a new mum. You may now need flexible working hours.

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