Selling Products on Your Website – How I turned my website into a 24/7 automated selling machine

Sell products on your website

Websites not only offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business services but selling products on your website is easier than ever. You can sell your own (or other companies) digital or physical products by adding a cart button or a full-blown eCommerce system.

I run my website(s) using WordPress (.org) and WooCommerce (eCommerce system) to sell my products (courses) and Learndash (Learning Management System) to run and manage my digital courses.

I also use:

and this is how I do it…


Starting with my homepage, I have three feature boxes. The first is my free WordPress website startup guide. The second promotes my Start an Online Business challenge and the third, a free ‘Get More Clients’ course, which I am just finishing off.

selling products on your website

The buttons are linked to either an info page or a form to an automated email system (Active Campaign) but I did start by using a free account with MailChimp. Using a third-party email service enables me to send pre-written emails in sequence at various times with PDF link downloads. I can also invite people to subscribe to my other lists, such as WordPress tips, tricks techniques and training newsletter.

Call to Actions

The features I use above are known as ‘call to actions’. These offer a ‘next action step’ for my readers to take some form of action, which in my case is to add a name and email for a freebie (everyone loves a freebie). I could just let people download a PDF directly from my website but effective marketing is all about building audiences and engaging with them.

As mentioned, I also have a section to collect email address (see below) for my newsletter subscription. This is linked to a subscription list on Active Campaign, which I use to send my readers regular information on the latest tips and techniques for websites.

selling products on your website

That’s not bad work from just three features on my homepage, but it does not stop there …. in fact, we have just got going …

Shop (eCommerce System)

Having a shop facility such as (WooCommerce) enables me to to sell WordPress and Elementor templates. I also have the option to add further products at any time. You can also have an eCommerce website like some of my customers: and

Digital Courses (Learning Management System)

Selling products like digital courses on your website is a great way to have a digital arm to your business. I use LearnDash to manage my courses and have published a few with more to follow in a month or so. People can register and enrol on my free and paid online courses.

Website Pages

I also have the standard business pages such as; About, Contact Me and Work With Me. A page to show the Tools and Systems I use and an Account page for my learners to login to their courses.

Legal pages: Privacy Policy, GDPR and Affiliate info, along with Cookies, are important and required by law to have on your website.

Social media account links are placed on various pages around my website, to enable people to keep in touch and follow me.

Blogs and Articles

Having a blog post section is a must for promoting your business. Apart from this article, I write about building WordPress websites, how to self-publish a magazine and being a magazine editor. I also have blogs and articles promoting some of the products and systems that I am an affiliate for.

Photography and Website Portfolio Pages

I have portfolio pages for my photography and website designs.

There are many examples of using websites to sell products. My magazine is a blog style website which also sells printed and digital copies.

What next?

Feeling inspired to start selling products on your website?

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